Christal dynamics this is the third game in a row you’ve presented a gritty survivor Lara Croft who looses all her gear and slowly learns to become the tomb raider. Please think of something original. You can’t call these games a trilogy because honestly they are all the exact same gameplay, plot, mechanics and characters just with three different settings. Urgh such a shame.
Also the audacity of this game to have a photograph mode that gives you the tools to make this game look a million times better than the awful realism bland mess that it is.
This game also ruins the combat system from the last two which was the one thing I consistently praised but here it’s all dull forced stealth sections but still gives you all the old stuff from the past two games. It’s a confusing mess.
I could talk for ages about why I dislike this game so much but I think the emotions would cause a stomach ulcer
Oh and don’t get me started on the outfit restrictions for the city that like 80% of the games content is trapped in.

Reviewed on Sep 03, 2022