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May 14

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Mar 30

Haunted Cities Volume 3
Haunted Cities Volume 3

Mar 23

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Robert Shearman SCP/They Hunger Yume Nikki-fication Surgery
This was/is neat. Played it alongside a livestream doing the same, comparing Thea's playthru with theirs.
Glad that this is how it is and how far it pushed the DOOM engine and can appreciate it as that, don't feel blown away or super entranced, just vibing with the spooks like the ghoul Thea is.

Gets the blood pumping.
Might write in detail about this at a later date.
Booting this up unearthed deep memories of playing GT4 with a pal on their PS2.
Wish this could be played this with some internet friends. Mayb through teamviewer or something like that.
Need to get a second controller for meatspace play as well.

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"Reach out your hands to the one alone
In your city
Reach out your hands to the one alone"
To all the girls that won't be saved. (By themselves or Any One)