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best of 1 format means that even if you play hot garbage like Blue Eyes or Dark Magician you can get some wins, so there's fun for everyone!

The card game with the highest highs and the lowest lows
There are no words to describe the euphoria you get when you draw the perfect out to some dude’s 10+ negate board, or OTK the fuck outta someone with some random garbage you netdecked 10 mins ago and changed a single card to make it feel like your own
Likewise, there are no words to describe the heartbreak when bricking like a motherfucker and getting a floodgate thrown on you for good measure, or drawing the god hand only to have the one-two Maxx C to Nibiru punch you right in the soul. God bless this broken ass game

• in a rhythm landscape where every indie game in the field is sacrificing good charting or a functional engine in the name of being stylish and """hard""" (see FNF, Trombone Champ, Unbeatable to a lesser extent--not that i blame them, as streamer clicks are the only way games get successful today), it's so refreshing to see a game that's as quietly great as this one.
• it's especially satisfying that this game feels like its concept started from a satisfying motion and worked to build a game around how to make that motion feel even better. swiping my mouse and spanking my space bar has never made me feel so in control over a song. this is how the best of them have always done it.
• SRXD is basically a BEMANI game, down to the commissioned songs and vast spaces between difficulties. the space is better for it.

While the gameplay improves upon and deepens that of its already excellent predecessor, the characters lean further into egregious anime tropes and the story is looser and sillier in premise. If you liked 1 you'll like this, but you'll find yourself missing the feelings of always being on edge and having to fight to survive that 1 invoked in spades.

The gameplay is just as good if not slightly better than the first game, but the characters, story, and atmosphere took a bit of a step back.

i love games about children being slaughtered in a light hearted comedic fashion i'm not a weirdo btw

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