A masterpiece
There’s so much I can say about this game but I’ll keep it short. This is such a MASSIVE upgrade from the previous game. The game now having three different fighting styles to a completely new side story that is super fleshed out.
The story went beyond my expectations as well, although some might think the ending is very unsatisfying. I personally thought it gave us a perfect lead into a third installment.
I am oh so looking forward to Yagami’s next case

With the Yakuza series now being turn based I didn’t know what to expect from the Judgment series.
I absolutely loved it, playing as a detective instead of a yakuza was a nice change of pace.
That being said, the combat is a bit clunky until you can upgrade your skills to the max.

The end of the Kiryu saga and it doesn’t disappoint

Although rather lighthearted compared to other Yakuza games. Still one of my favorites in the series

The combat is shaky due to it being on the dragon engine but it’s such a fun and memorable experience