Hey there! Welcome to my page where I act like I am incredibly qualified in reviewing games even if it's at an amateur level! I try to discuss as much as I see fit with each game I play, and will generally try as hard as possible to understand a game's legacy beyond my personal enjoyment with it. I can be pretty critical of some games, but I rate things based off of a mixture of my perceived quality of it as well as my personal enjoyment of it. Weird rating system I know, but here's my scale if you're confused:
10 - Masterpiece
9 - Excellent
8 - Great
7 - Good
6 - Above Average
5 - Average
4 - Below Average
3 - Poor
2 - Bad
1 - Terrible
Always down to discuss games in general, but please be as polite as possible. I tend to not like to respond to people who just bash my opinion on something, but I'm open to hearing of other's thoughts on games since it can make me revisit or reconsider some aspects I previously enjoyed/disliked. I post many reviews on Steam as well (website link provided).
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Half-Life 2: Episode Two


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