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The best remake I've ever played
The original Rayman is a decent game, it's got great music, a wonderful sense of creativity, and is pretty fun for the first few worlds.
But after a while it just goes to shit. The dificulty spikes are massive, Rayman's slow movement speed eventually becomes unbearable, and in order to beat the game you have to break every cage, many of which are way too cryptic. To top it off, if you run out of continues you have to start the game all over again.
Rayman Redemption takes everything great about the original and makes it a million times better. Rayman has all of his moves from the start, including his run, making his slow walk a non-issue. The game is much more balanced now, due to Rayman's added mobility and other QOL features such as having an option for infinite lives, no knockback when getring hit, no turn animation when crawling, etc. The game also has shops that give you skins, power ups, and most importantly, new radars that point you to where those pesky cages/presents are.
All of this doesn't make the game too easy though, in fact at times it can get even more challenging than the original. The big difference here is that Redemption is much more fair and overall more fun to play than the original.
There's pretty much no reason to even go back to the original now. Rayman 1 is my least favorite Rayman game, but this remake is my #1. And the best part? The game is a free fan creation! Ubisoft doesn't get a cent from this! Go play it now!

I ADORE this game. While Flumpty's 1 and 2 are fun experiences, 3 is truly fantastic, a near-perfect finale and one of the best games in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. I am not someone who replays games often, but I'll sit down and play around with this game again on occasion just because I like the design so much and find it very relaxing.
Also, Flumpty is a peak character in this game.

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