Metal Slug Anthology review series entry #1:
You can't go wrong with a classic like Metal Slug X. This was my first introduction to the franchise when I was 12 and only had a PS1 with this, The Lion King Game, and Toy Story 2. I'd play it to the end in one sitting, because I couldn't save the game, and thanks to Metal Slug Anthology, now I can, which allowed me to save my progress midway through yesterday so i could finish it today.
I always loved this game, even if I I always end up with my fingers aching after the final boss. I can't think of a flaw, outside of maybe a nitpick with the regular enemies at the end taking too many shots to die.
Metal Slug X is the hard type of way that I like, one that challenges you to stand up again and keep on fighting, and I'd say the franchise as a whole is a staple of run 'n' gun games everywhere. It's fun, challenging, a total riot to play, and it's so satisfying to blow things up using the assorted arsenal the game has to offer.

Reviewed on Feb 03, 2023