(I'm doing an off-memory review of this game.)
I know this is the first Uncharted game, but it didn't age so well, especially against its sequels. The combat is fun but parts of it aren't very good, and some of the later enemies are very spongy on top of being fast, which got me killed many times.
It goes without saying, the final boss is just bad. Disappointing, clunky, and I finished it lickety split. There's nothing much to add to what others have said about it other than it's disappointing all around. It almost ruined the experience of the game for me. Almost.
There's still some good in this game, and I guess it has some nostalgic value to it, but it doesn't compel me to go back to play it. I don't like "movie-like" games that much as well.

Reviewed on Feb 04, 2023