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The duel character thing was interesting at first but I ended up mostly just using Johnathon by the end, Charolettes damage just wasn't up to snuff. I think the portraits bring a somewhat small castle on with some other Castlevanias castles, but it feels kind of disconnected and I would have just preferred a larger castle. To end on a positive note, the soundtracks probably on of the more underrated Castlevania tracks.

By chapter 2 this has improved upon Undertale (itself an excellent game) in every way, being both a delightful adventure and a thought-provoking conversation about the relationship between game, player, and creator

This game forgot how to fuck.

bad weapons, too many game slowdowns, and the final boss is an actual joke

List of movies the credits of Mighty No. 9 are longer than.
(clears throat)
Parasite, every Star Wars movie, every Batman movie, The Shining, Se7en, Taxi Driver, The Lion King, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Inception, Memento, Get Out, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Django Unchained, Jurassic Park, Roma, Judas and the Black Messiah, The Lighthouse, Klaus, Nightcrawler, Knives Out, Marriage Story, every Pixar movie, Lady Bird, Beauty and the Beast, The Social Network, every MCU movie, The Irishman, Aladdin, Inside Out, Shrek, every Godfather movie, every Back to the Future movie, The Emoji Movie, Foodfight, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Uncut Gems, every DCEU movie excluding the Snyder Cut, the entire Sam Raimi trilogy, every video game movie. And that's not even half of them.
Did take a bit of this from Emanuel Cool's review of The Lego Movie, he's on Letterboxd, shoutout to him.
(Also I marked this game as abandoned because I'll never play this game.)

Reuniclus in a berry
Reuniclus in a berry

The fact that the final boss has a second phase where the most boring song you've heard in your life plays, whereas the first phase is the one with the wicked vocal insert song, should stand as the single worst thing ever done in a video game.

As far as the actual gameplay, it's pretty good. I mean who doesn't enjoy picross. And being able to capture pokemon and use their special abilities is a nice twist, if not the most obvious tweak you could make with this concept.
The real issue with this game lies in its progression. Progression is locked behind two things: energy and picrites. Energy just limits how many squares you can place in a given time period, but with enough upgrades it's a manageable roadblock.
The real issue with this game is the picrites, which are tbe main currency you use to progress in this game. It's very obvious this game was designed with microtransactions in mind, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, I've been playing this game as optimally as possible every day for almost a month, trying to conserve as many picrites as possible for progression. I've made it to World 6 out of 30. If I wanted to actually complete this game without the microtransactions (which is no longer possible since the 3DS e-shop closure) I've estimated it would take me another year of grinding for picrites every day. Ain't nobody got time for that.
So while it was certainly fun to play for a little while, and I may pick it back up every now and again, I'm certainly not willing to invest the time it would take to complete it, as much as I adore this game's concept. Granted, it was free to download, but I would much much rather pay £5 for a game with much more natural progression.

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