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19 hrs ago

VinceBen97 completed The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog
This game's visual novel segments are genuinly super charming and fun, if a bit simple.
But that thinking mini game takes up way too much space and is very annoying

22 hrs ago

2 days ago

VinceBen97 completed Tax Heaven 3000
This game fails at the core of what it's trying to do.
I'm not american, so I can't actually do my taxes with this. While I am salty about it, I wont stay too mad, because it would be impossible for the devs to accomodate every single country's tax system.
That being said, what really is inexcusable is that you can only file as a single taxpayer with no dependants. That is fucking absurd.
The girl is mid too.

3 days ago

3 days ago

VinceBen97 completed Final Fantasy X-2
I physically cannot play this game because of the cringe.
There's so much wrong with it.
The fact that you can lock yourself out of the best ending in the first 5 minutes of gameplay
The insane amount of cringey mini games (FFX's biggest flaws was already its mini games but this game takes it to a whole other level)
The disrespect of FFX's somber and tragic ending by making it meaningless (the whole game's tone in general is so whiplashed from FFX that it barely feels like the same universe, despite literally reusing its areas)
The frankly disgusting fan service.
FFX's brilliant turn based combat being replaced by the servicable but much inferior ATB from FF4-9
I just cant. I love FFX. It's very precious to me, and this game absolutely shits on everything it stands for.
The Job system is pretty good i'll give, and at its core, the JRPG behind this mess isnt too bad, but there are much better options if you want a Job System game.

4 days ago

VinceBen97 completed Raft Wars

4 days ago

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