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This game is like "What if Pikmin 2 was as good as Pikmin 2 fans said it was"

A unique handheld fighter that doesn't really have much going on besides the novelty and art style but can be decently fun on a little car trip

Me in 2014: It's just a Kirby game, how amazing could it be??
Me in 2023: This is honestly one of my favorite games of the 2010s... I'm sorry for doubting you Kirby...

After playing Flagship's first two Zelda games (The Two Oracle games) which I found very flawed but still fun, I was happy to find Minish Cap a huge improvement, now with it's own style instead of copying Link's Awakening 8 years later.
And with it comes in my opinion the best looking Zelda game in the entire series and perhaps the best looking game on the Game Boy Advance in general. The sprite art is beyond great, everything moves with such animation and fluidity. On top of it, there is just a lot of loving fan service from returning characters from previous games as well as track even going back to the original Legend of Zelda.
And the gimmick of shrinking down is a lot of fun with it's own added puzzles and a lot of nice touches, like a regular enemy becomes a straight up boss. And we get to meet the Minish, a fun race of creature that you can meet along the journey with a fun voice clip.
Sadly, a lot of Flagship's weakpoints with their Oracle games comes back in full for Minish Cap, and that's their desire to make things more annoying than necessary. Like getting around on a lillypad with the new blow gun and constantly having to press the button to keep moving, or floating around tornados in the air at the slowest speed possible. And of course the ability to make a shadow clone by charging your sword for a good few seconds and if you get hit or keep the clone in an obstacles way, the process ends and you have to do it again.
Probably my least favorite thing in this game is that it is horrified of giving you hearts. So much of the drops in this game are straight up Rupees which you'll get so much of you'll just get tired of it as you're close to dying. Super annoying.
Flaws in all Minish Cap is still a great title in the Legend of Zelda

This game's story is going to be a surfire hit for the Kirby Air Ride music: Item Bounce YouTube comment section

Remember when games came free on your computer and remember when they would just put a pretty amazing simple pinball game that became your favorite?
Cause that game was 3D Pinball: Space Cadet

One of the most fun, joyful, heartwarming and creative games of all time, with great little details and moments all wrapped up in a game with so much personality, it's easily one of my all time favs

The sprite art, gimmick and nostalgia is what ultimately keeps me from disliking this game. Unfortunately when it comes to board layout and the actual pinball physics is where this game bores me quickly. Even basic Pinball on NES had better physics and board than the two boards you get in this game.
That being said, there is still a bit of charm to this one if you have nostalgia for Pokemon especially for early Pokemon so I can't hate it.

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