6 s over 20 Reviews


It's pretty much symphony of the night

I think this is the scariest game I have ever played. Alien is my favorite movie and they nailed it.

Playing with friends made this game better for me

Wish I could play this for the first time again.

so much fun. failing is part of the process.

first persona game i finished. best music. would play royal.

only played this in beta by myself. it was pretty magical? i like to dig down and sometimes get scared but mostly be chillin

This game is beautiful and tasty.

i laughed and cried and danced but ultimately couldn't out-dance a certain really good dancer. sooo. to be continued.

I love that I can just boot this game up any time and hang out in this wonderful world. Still so much undiscovered. Just beautiful.

I beat the game, but I'm not done with it, you feel me?

Prob gonna play this til i die anyway so i guess it doesn't matter if everything is really inconvenient and takes forever.

Man. What a nostalgia trip. But also, so cool. I love surprises and this delivers. I'd be pissed if I waited 20 years for the same game.

This game was so charming. Hassy!