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Starts off really fun, but as you get deeper into it the bland level design and non existent enemy variety gets old fast. The loot system is confused and annoying to really understand, and when you do, proper gearing bends the game over and destroys it, since it's not all that well balanced. Still has a pretty fun base combat engine though.

I find the gameplay only ever really gets to 'decent', and as the game gets harder it gets a lot more frustrating piloting braindead npc party members. Still, it has a pretty solid world all things considered and it was before the dreaded dialogue wheel would emerge to ruin wrpgs. It's pretty good.

Played co-op so I probably liked it more than I would have alone. The ending sequence is honestly dumb as bricks and an incredibly annoying forceful push you to go do side missions, and theres a bit of an anticlimax because of it, but it's fairly fun otherwise. Has some classic MGS charm to it.

Perfectly playable but average action game.

There's some pretty strong writing parts of this, but a lot of the characters feel pretty throw away, the dialogue can sometimes be incredibly unnatural, and the ending is unsatisfying. In the end, not all that memorable.

I may try to pickl this game up again (and redo this) but for now I have to say the map design is really, really tedious with how confusing the verticality is. Also, while I know the setting of the game is an mmo, there's a limit to how many boring fetch quests there can be. Wasn't a fan of how every puzzle was looking to be just 'bounce balls in different directions, times a hundred.'

But honestly, the writing was pretty charming and the combat wasn't too bad. I might try it again and update this.

I think the last section of puzzles involves a really annoying and frustrating element to them, but I think this game is very self aware and knows what it's trying to say. The story is pretty normal... "puzzle game stuff" if that makes any sense but it knows and does it anyway.

This is not a game I've really understood the appeal of. The setting is really generic fantasy with a barely finished story, the combat isn't anything to write home about. I don't know. I've tried and failed to get into this game so many times.


Ugly as hell and weird beyond belief, but it was cool when I was like, 13.

The weapon designs and combat are all really good, but the enemy design is basically the same thing forever with the most boring environments ever, despite the levels trying their best to be as labyrinthine as possible. It's just sort of mediocre by the end.

A fun popcorn game to beat in 1 session. There's a lot of collectibles and hidden things to go back for if you really like it.

Metroidvania elements are okay, but I think the skills and upgrades you get really don't amount to anything meaningful. You kind of feel like you're doing the same thing the whole game. It's not too long, at least. Absolutely ridiculously cool aesthetic style, though.

It's much better with the death ring, but still, good ass game.

Jamming to simons theme forever and nobody can stop me