So satisfying to play and even more satisfying perfecting your skill on each level

Wow this game is just pure fun from start to finish

MMOs are always a hard sell for most and while I would say that is partially true for Guild wars it really is a wonderful game for players of all kinds. Its horizontal progression really respects your time, allowing you to get a great item and it staying great if you return after a year of not playing. It has a wonderful community, art and moment to moment combat.

Wonderful beautiful game that brings you through the process of grief and death. I would have loved to rate this game higher but unfortunately the tasks became dull over time and it was hard to push myself to the end

While the experience is not one I would recommend unless you are committed, the game does a wonderful job at enabling communication and communities. The amount of friends I made in the year I played this game was more then I would get from any other MMO. Its a lot of work but 40 people working together to take down raid bosses is a feeling that you cant get anywhere else

After many attempts at trying to reach and understand this game I finally broke through and what I found was very fun. The complex systems and ways to play the game doesn't hold your hand, and although that has its downfall it really respects the player's intelligence. It is unfortunate that this games weakest aspect is in its earliest hours during the acts.

It is quite unfortunate that more people cannot experience what Half-Life: Alyx has, but I would not wish this game to be removed from VR only because of how amazing the experience of playing in this world is.

While not better then the original, it still brought back a lot fo what I missed from the original. Atmosphere was on point

One of the best exploration games I have played in a while. The game teaches and draws your attention through subtle means and doesn't hold your hand. Its a wonderful feeling being able to drive yourself and solve problems through sheer curiosity and smarts. Something that is surprisingly rare in video games these days

This review contains spoilers

This game was carried by its wonderful movement, beautiful landscape, music, and boss fights with the bosses being the part of the game I looked forward to with every new plateau. The boss set pieces felt epic and made up for the fact that they were not too hard and I don't believe you could die. The one downside of this game was honestly its length, even 100%-ing every location my playtime was 8 hours and everything outside the boss fights were not as exciting. Even still I would recommend this game, especially if it goes on sale