The reason that I first started playing this game is because all of my Halo friends moved on to this game after Bungie quit our favorite franchise. I bought it on black friday of 2014 and have had many ups and downs with the game since. First, I thought it was ridiculous that light levels were behind a pay wall when Crota's End first came out, and around the time that House of Wolves came out I decided to get the DLCs because I was willing to give in now that all of the content was available. I never finished the moments of triumph though because around the time that I would have been doing so I found a girlfriend who I eventually married and couldn't have cared less at the time about Destiny. Around the time that I decided to start playing again, much later, I only got to enjoy House of Wolves for a short time before I was once again shut out behind a pay wall. The things that I had already paid for were no longer offered to me (Trials of Osiris was specifically a purchase mentioned in the House of Wolves brochure) and I had to pay as much as I paid for the entire game, $40, to play any of it. After years passed and I could purchase the DLC online for $15 I finally did end up buying it, but by that time most of the population of the game was gone and the remaining community was so poor at playing that raids are a nightmare. When I finally completed the last achievement for the game I basically said farewell to it and have only played it a couple of times in the year since.

Reviewed on Jul 18, 2019