Dex playthrough where I mostly used the Great Scythe. I intended to use the Lifehunt Scythe, but I couldn't bring myself to attack Priscilla. Undertale lives in my head, I suppose. Most things went pretty smoothly, though I got myself caught in the catacombs earlygame trying to get the items I thought I'd use. Running back up from the second catacombs bonfire is just wasn't made to be backtracked through like that.

Someday I'll review Dark Souls, but that will be a huge task that I'm not up for right now.

For now, since I believe it's my first playthrough since I started using Backloggd: It's my favorite piece of art in any medium and nothing could possibly mean more to me.

Reviewed on Jul 20, 2021


Would you recommend the remaster or the classic for someone new to the series?

1 month ago

Whichever you have easiest access to. The remaster is basically just some lighting changes and a few quality of life things, along with framerate unlocked by default. As long as you don't touch Prepare to Die Edition on PC, every version is good.