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Only played MP so far and honestly the reason it gets 4 instead of 3 stars is entirely because it's free. It just kind of blows that there is so little variety cause the game is really fun but outside of cool guns theres so little map and gamemode variety it all kind of feels just fine. With time it'll be great but tbh it's completely free so it isn't like it's hard to try out for yourself and see how you enjoy it as it is.

This game has the most fucked(in a good way) sports create a character ever. You can make some truly freakish dudes. Other than that gameplay is shockingly really solid. I've only played one other of these on the PS3 so for the first one in a long time this thing kinda shocked me. Hopeful the next few come to gamepass too.

Very conflicted on this game. Humor is on point for the most part, over half the cast is great, art and music fit pretty well too. I just feel like so many little things drag on this game and make it drop from really great to just fine.
The biggest one is the technical problems. I had 3 crashes outright, got stuck in an environment and had to reload, and had a couple times where my text messages just didn't let me respond. By far the worst part of the game is really enjoying yourself and in the back of your head realizing at any moment this matchbox is gonna go up in flames and you have to re open it.
Obviously, discussing this game requires the mention of the stalker character. Honestly I agree he drags the game down a lot. He's so useless to any of the characters individual plots(They don't even react to the end of game reval that involves all of them.) It really feels tacked on to get a final boss at the end, which i really don't like because that boss is piss easy because combat becomes child's play at the end. Overall, he's really just a minor annoyance, but for a game filled with them it's just one more thing i have to dredge through to get to the goodies.
Theres so many other things like how theres two dungeons and thats it, and one of them is thematically understandable, being based on the characters aversion to change, and being set in a run down shopping mall. The other? Set in a nightclub, and it's for aversion to commitment/love/romance. And all the enemies are phones and speakers.
Honestly i sound so negative but man theres a lot to love it's just hard to while it's being crushed to death under a mountain of half baked stuff. This game desperately needs a pass through with a hotfix and a couple patches to flesh out content so it can be at its best. Because removed from its worst elements, this game legitimately made me smile and laugh, which is pretty rare for games like these.