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My first (Expert) playthrough is still ongoing, but so far The Black Parade is as good as I was expecting given the seven-year development time and the pedigree of the development team (a virtual who's who of the current crop of Thief fan mission authors). Which is just insanely good.
The campaign continues my favorite trends in Thief custom level design (high levels of verticality; rehabilitation of the less... popular themes that characterize Thief: The Dark Project levels, namely supernatural horror) while bucking the older habits endemic to fan missions that target the "hardcore" set (obtuse riddles and key item hunts). Thankfully.
Before this I'd have pointed to the 20th Anniversary contests as the ideal entry point to what is, in my opinion, one of the single greatest PC game modding scenes of all time. Now I'd point to The Black Parade for the second and fourth missions alone (respectively the best Constantine's mansion and Bonehoard-style missions out there, and I've played all the good ones).
Bust out your black hoodies and diegetic compass/map combos, folks. This is IT.

No comment on the campaign. Firefight makes for a great couch co-op mode and is surprisingly customizable. Increasing player speed and jump height is recommended.