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I also try to watch as much anime as I can possibly fit in my schedule!
As well as that, I'm writing a Fire Emblem: Three Houses novelisation. Feel free to read it!
Quick notice to anyone who looks below the main stats on any of my journals for games (if I've added you as a friend, that is), I usually don't hesitate to write about spoilers, so I recommend either having played said game beforehand or just knowing the general information. Aside from that, feel free to browse my played section! :D
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Beating this game in retrospect is fun because a lot of the release hype has completely left me, so I personally ended up having a blast.
There are, of course, some hiccups. Arendelle is a SLOG of a world to explore, and the game throws a lot of new combat stuff at you AS SOON as you begin the game, but it's fine.
Pixar being added into the movie mix, alongside a lot of fun character interactions that help delve into a new interesting story arc is the best part about this game, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that the ending for the basegame absolutely threw me off-guard when it hit hard!
I love this game a lot. I'd dare call it my favourite KH game so far, but that might be recency bias kicking in. They're all good games! :)

There are some unfair enemy placements, and the boss patterns are fairly unreadable and quick at times, but this is a Kirby-venture, and it looks stunning on NES for being one. It's by no means an unfairly difficult game, but it might just challenge you a bit compared to other Kirbs.
Just remember, if you're on Switch, the - button is the one that takes away your ability. I learnt that on the 6th World and I felt pretty stupid. ;-;

The new campaign has an interesting story to tell. I definitely won't go spoiling much of it, but it had an overall intriguing way of showing us a more corrupt Elios. Granted, I do wish they explored the alternate cast a bit more - however I can at least live with the Four Winds being a treat to witness, alongside Nel being an interesting draconic ally to boot.
Whilst I can vouch for the first 4 chapters being a fun treat, the latter ones aren't exactly that. ;-;
The final two chapters are probably some of the harder challenges FE Engage has to offer as a whole, and a lot of people have been mixed on the DLC as a result of those maps. Be prepared to have a few attempts, is all I'm saying. Chapters 5 and 6 aren't exactly kind to first-timers, and I overall feel they have some of the more disliked design flaws that harder FE can be known for.
It's an overall fun package. Coming from the dude who (surprisingly) loved the Ashen Wolves DLC from Three Houses, I do wish we had a more segregated campaign instead, but FX's unique take on the formulae can definitely be reworked if done in a later game. I just hope IS listen to their overall feedback and work it into a better product next time.