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fun mechanics fun but no sex

The black panther for dudes who literally get no bitches and stack zero paper

All of the let's play narration for these random-build-focused slot-machine-action-games is like 'ohh after your 50th run you'll have enough gopher coins to now unlock the Zuckerberg's Icon so now when you play Billy Boy and choose the Steven Stone for your 14th Arcana Tier you'll be able to Yummymax your way past the 4th Tier of Encroachening when you face the waves of 23 Yeti-men. Make sure to spend you 1.0% APR Slammy Shards only on Subtle-enchanted Attack Boosts to make sure the chance of reaching Heaven is fulfilled on a blue day! Like comment and subscribe

okay hear me out.
this game is a hidden gem, hidden behind cries of horror, unecessary torture, and lots LOTS of shit. there is a story and the plot twist, although expected is really well foreshadowed. This is unironically THE best voice acting i've ever seen, all of them are really good for no reason. the theme song slaps too, for those that are mentally insane and hate themselves, you are going to love this.

I have never been so glad to return to a piece of media that I initially dropped. Not even remotely in the right place to write about this experience yet, but this one, I promise I'll try. Another one to eventually come back and try to meet with the pen when I have the time and energy to commit. For now - live happily, read Cyrano, and be well. Thank you, SCA-Ji.

I was shaking and crying like a bitch in some moments while reading this masterpiece. Got me into philosophy.
Probably one of the best pieces of media of all times IMO. It is that good. Also, I wish I could do a better review on this because it deserves it, but at the time i'm writing this i'm very tired.

I read Sakura no Toki this year, work by the same author, and then when I came across his view on art and the artistic potential of a work, I imagined that with a Remake of his first work he would not choose the easy path, and well, he didn't choose.
Tsui no Sora Remake is a sequel to both Tsui no Sora and Wonderful Everyday, it maintains the general form of the first novel while changing the core adding an even more Lovecraftian layer which makes everything else a completely new perspective on past events, the narrative still stands alone as well as the author's other works, but the attempt to correlate themes such as: the meaning of life, the material and the immaterial, the edge of the world, dreams, happiness, etc. is notable.
In some moments it becomes apparent that the story is limited to following the structure of the original and this ends up cutting part of the potential that is shown in routes like Yasuko where you see the evolution of the author in more than 20 years, but it is still worthy note how he achieves his proposal so well and thematically evolves one of his masterpieces;
To reduce TnSR to just a new version of Tsui no Sora is to leave behind part of what makes Sca-Di's work so special, both in terms of thematic and metalinguistic continuity, and taking all that into account this ended up becoming mine " remake" favorite.

friend of mine kept trying to get me to play this for a really long time, eventually i caved and played the first five minutes or so before putting it away. i barely remember the game but she got arrested for child porn a year later so three stars

El juego apesta pero dios mío que Amy Hennig se lucio escribiendo esto.
Puede que los caminos de Kain y Raziel hayan sido trazados con tal precisión que no importa lo que hagan, no escaparan de un ciclo lleno de tragedia y desgracia, tanto para ellos como para quienes los rodean, o quizás solo se trate de la historia de personajes egocentristas que al querer llevarle la contraria al otro terminan cayendo en un falso libre albedrio, no hacen estas acciones porque quieran, las hacen porque son personajes tan hundidos en su prepotencia que piensan que no haciendo lo que el otro espera que haga es una forma de mostrar alarde hacia este, terminando cayendo en una trampa que este mismo cavo.
Pero si aun si eso no fuese cierto, de que se trata el libre albedrio? valdría la pena simplemente hacer lo que se dicte o buscar una tercera respuesta? como no sabemos que siquiera esta incógnita sea algo elaborado por nosotros mismos y no por un tercero?
Creo que el juego esta tan consiente de esto que nunca hay una alternativa mas la que el relato nos ofrece, dejándonos guiar por una sucesión de eventos predeterminadas que tarde o temprano acabara en lo mismo... luego de tirar una moneda tantas veces algún día puede que caiga en el borde.