I think this is a great improvement over the main campaign in splatoon 2.
They expanded upon the variety of things you can do with ink dramatically. In alot of levels you feel like you're doing something new. This is in contrast to Splatoon 2, where I felt at times I just doing the same thing..
Another thing I really appreciated they improved upon from Splatoon 2 was that you had the freedom to not need to do every level in an area to progress to the next. I think this really improved my experience with the game as incase I wasn't enjoying a level i could just switch to something else.
Basically, Splatoon 2 felt like a 3 course meal where I had to finish each dish before progressing onto the next (even if i thought it tasted badly.) While 3 was an all you can eat Buffet In which I could eat whatever I enjoyed.
Oh yeah also what a great finale, I hope we see more dungeon sequences like that going forward into the next game.
I would say it was all around the same as Splatoon 2 but 50 percent of the time when I would try loading into a match, the message: "A communication error has occured" would appear. I have a good internet connection and on any other console have no problems playing online games meaning it's simply Nintendo's fault for making such a bad online service. I want to give this game a 4 but that is forcing me to bring it down to a 3.5.

Reviewed on Sep 22, 2022