Everyone should play this game.
This game MUST have a remastered release.
Why i can't give 6?

Slow at the start, give a lot of satisfaction with time... And a good team.
I love this game but still wait for the cross save, i don't want to lose all the achievement i got on ps.
4 kiwi out of 5!

God the music from theophany is so good!
This kind of games will make square Enix go to retirement.

This game is basically a fever inducted by X parasites.
I gave half kiwi just because the title Metroid is spelled correctly.

Best 3d Metroid ever.
5 kiwis out of 5!

Personally, my favorite Metroid when you talk of story.
Directly after Super Metroid, Samus is attacked by the X parasites.
Reborn with a Metroid vaccine, now she's forced to face the only enemy she can't beat.
A thrilling game and a masterpiece, even in the GBA.
5 kiwis out of 5.

If you never played Super Metroid, you never really Played Metroid.
Simple and perfect.
5 kiwis out of 5

This game IS spiderman.
I can't describe it more accurate.
Sure the MJ session are kinda boring, but those are just the 4% of the game.
Even if i end the main stories, it's still fun swing around in such wonderful way.
5 kiwis on 5.

Even if the season 1 already kicks in, some characters are DEFINITELY more powerful than others and the top broken one are still not fixed.
Of course is the "Fortnite" of the Smash clones, but even like this can still be a fun game. I really hope they will fix everything as soon as possible.