An amazing game that's only ruined by it's bullshit difficulty and ending.

Not bad, but it could really use an oil change or something.

Kinda better than F3, but also kinda not.

Personally, I did not expect for any Fallout game to be better NV, but it happened...somehow.

I'm going to get a lot of hate for these next few reviews, but games in the Bethesda Fallout Trilogy get boring after a while. No offense to any die-hard Fallout fans out there.

Read my other review, 'cause this game is pretty much the same thing as the original.

Pretty good, PopCap! God, you KNOW just how to make a casual game awesome!

Fun in singleplayer, even more fun in multiplayer.


Only really worth playing if you're playing it through The Basement Collection. That is, if you're trying to unlock AVGM. Other than that, it's just a really average, artsy-kinda game. Not necessarily a bad game, though.

Pretty much just Quake IlI, just HD now.

Good, but, mostly because of its brevity, had a lot of missed potential. Oh, well. What did I expect from a tech demo? I'll give you a hint: perfection is not a correct answer.

Yeah, no thanks. I'll just stick to my Doom and Quake games for right now.