72 s over 100 Reviews


please only follow the main path so that you don’t grow to almost hate this game like i did


almost everything about this game sucks except the core gameplay is so insanely good that it's a 5/5

why was this marketed as a samurai game when it’s just another ninja game

The song of death is sweet and endless... But what is this? Somewhere in the sore, bloated man-meat around you — a sensation!

i sure am terrible at this fantastic game

good stuff, but psaro put some serious hair on my chest. i ended up eking out a win with my bench team (borya, torneko, maya) and it kind of ruled

So glad I was finally able to play this. Overall, this is a fantastic game with world-class writing, but it's held back a bit by a patently absurd amount of backtracking and vague progression. Either way, this was my favorite Mario RPG to date

I first played this when I was a kid, but I don't think I ever progressed further than Onett, because I only have vague memories of fighting snakes, crows, and dogs. After hearing about it for years, I recently decided that I'd finally play EarthBound for real. Playing through this for the first time and using the Player's Guide was the closest thing I've had to an ethereal video game experience in years. This game deserves every ounce of praise it's ever gotten. I get it now.

an embarrassing collection comprising one of the best games ever made and also silent hill 3. if you have a copy of this laying around, use it to play fetch with your dog. 1 star because they didn't change ALL of the music

3 stars for the chao garden and nothing else

i miss my older brother

two bonus stars for having my favorite cover art of all time

actually pretty fun, but it loses a star because i can't support 2K's business practices in good conscience