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Metroid: Samus Returns

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Fire Emblem Engage

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there's something about the metroid gameplay loop that i find innately satisfying, idk. although the diggernaut can die a thousand deaths my GOD that was hard.
i haven't played the original yet so i can't judge this as a remake tho i 100% get why people feel it misses some of the narrative resonance of the original. on the other hand, the introduction of teleport stations was a definite improvement and made me more likely to willingly backtrack, and that along with the map percentage counters means this is the first metroid game i've gotten 100% on! the scan pulse might make that a little easy but idk sometimes i DON'T want to bomb every block on the screen on the off-chance i find something. at some point i will play metroid dread and tbh this has primed me for having a Good Time with that

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why on earth does this point and click adventure game with no combat make you do a boss battle right at the very end...
there's obviously a lot of imagination at work, and i liked the world. the backdrops look great. at times it felt obtuse, and the controls on switch lacked precision. my big gripe was actually that movement felt awkward, which didn't particularly dispose me towards backtracking. so was fine, but there was a certain stiffness to it that impacted my enjoyment.

it's a sweet little game - looks and plays great, possible to play in one sitting, etc. i'm currently playing another point-and-click translated to touch screen game on my switch, and that made me appreciate how cleanly this one got ported over in comparison.