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it took me SO long to realise that there are more bombs in any given skull than just the three you find outside it...would've saved me a lot of frustration! there are moments where i wasn't clear on things (like the aforementioned) and sometimes your pikmin can behave uh. stupidly (i also often found it really difficult to pull them out of the way of enemies but that may just be a me thing) but overall i did find it pretty satisfying to play, and i can see why people like this series so much

definitely of the 3ds games i've played the one that most feels like it assumes a certain style of handheld play (i.e. you're going to be playing on the go so won't want long continuous play sessions). once i leant into the idea that i'm expected to pick up, play a mission, and then put it down again, i did enjoy it more - but i can imagine people who are more resistant to being directed like that really resenting being pulled out of the game every 20-30 minutes rather than being able to explore continuously.

i've seen some complaints that this one is overly gimicky, but i personally really liked that it threw new things at me every stage - and if i didn't enjoy a particular idea it was over in a few minutes anyway. plus, this one gains points over dkc2 in my book because i only had to play as that goddamn spider which i hate twice.