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Spirit Tracks gets way harsher critique than it deserves to, and I think it's almost entirely because of the train thing, which just kinda feels weird to me. "oh but it's on rails so you don't have as much freedom to explore", what, like wind waker didn't just have you sailing through nothing between islands? that sure was gripping gameplay, glad they let me have that amazing adventurous choice.
the ost has a delicious windy style, all panpipes and yumminess. cole is kinda goofy, and I do have to admit the trains thing seems very out of left field, but why not make goofy games? who cares! link gets a little train driver outfit! also zelda's an actual character with thoughts and feelings for, like, the first time ever in the series? this game is better than people say it is, and better than it has any right being.

If you hate it youre fucking wrong. Zelda is there AND youve got a train. what more do you want

in this game when you drive your train there is a little rope on the bottom screen and when you pull down on it it makes the train’s horn sound off. you can use it to scare animals off the tracks. the horn sound is different depending on what train engine you use. all the good or bad things about this game i can think of feel so meaningless when i think about the little rope i can pull to sound my train’s horn. no other zelda game has that level of charm.

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