there's something about the metroid gameplay loop that i find innately satisfying, idk. although the diggernaut can die a thousand deaths my GOD that was hard.
i haven't played the original yet so i can't judge this as a remake tho i 100% get why people feel it misses some of the narrative resonance of the original. on the other hand, the introduction of teleport stations was a definite improvement and made me more likely to willingly backtrack, and that along with the map percentage counters means this is the first metroid game i've gotten 100% on! the scan pulse might make that a little easy but idk sometimes i DON'T want to bomb every block on the screen on the off-chance i find something. at some point i will play metroid dread and tbh this has primed me for having a Good Time with that

Reviewed on Feb 28, 2023