best 3d platform on the dreamcast
it has been long time since i played difficult and unique 3d platform i gave it 8.5

A fun game, but not great, i mean its rate between 6 or 7 out of 10
The progression system in the game is that on each island you collect gate gears by fighting a guardian or mini-boses to open the stages of cyberspace and after you finish one of the stages you take the keys to collect chaos emerald and also collect tokens by exploration and going to the rails to advance in the main missions and after you collect A chaos emerald and a certain number of tokens will face the main boss of the particular island, and after defeating him, you will go to the other island
What I liked about the game:
- boss fights are fun and enthusiastic
The combat system is simple but fun
-Roaming and exploring the world at Sonic's speed is fun
- The game gives you ways to collect tokens and keys, through catching fish or spam for the cylope move without you exploring and going to the rails and playing cyberspace stages
What I didn't like about the game:
The game world is empty
The game has technical problems like pop-in
- It has some repetition, especially in collecting tokens, and sometimes the game requires you to collect a large number in order to advance in the story, which is a not a good thing, the same as Ubisoft open world games
- The puzzles or challenges in the game are way too easy, but you have to solve them in order to open the map
- The places where the rails are located randomly, and sometimes if you go to them, they take you away from the place where you started, and they take you away from a second rail that has tokens also these rails are too much automated
The control of Sonic Cyberspace and places that require precision in jumping are not excellent, and the camera is sometimes annoying
- Cylope move breaks the game even on Hard difficulty
- Sonic physics is janky
- Some annoying and boring mini games
- The last two islands have same environments from the environment of the first island
- third island most of its rails are 2d which is frustrating and that's contradict having the freedom of the open world or open zone
With all the faults, I enjoyed the game, but I do not recommend buying it at its full price. It is better to wait for a discount if you are interested in playing an open world game or Collectathon platform with the speed of sonic the hedgehog .