It's a very bog standard anime romance story. Predictable and cliched to the bone. But it's executed well enough that I wasn't really too bored through it though I wish it had some restraint in how much it leaned into the same tired tropes. Pacing suffers a lot especially towards the last third and this could really have been cleaned up more.
In terms of gameplay, you're primarily controlling a ship and exploring a solar system, hopping between points of interest and expending fuel. There's a bit of randomness in terms of the encounters you get and their outcomes but upgrades that you get pretty early on let you pass most of the checks. The only real "challenge" is in conserving your exploration kits to get all the loot in all the systems but this is fairly inconsequential other than collecting lore bits. You need money to refuel and buy upgrade components for the ship but exploring leaves with you with more than enough money to get everything checked off. There's a few short "exploration" segments on foot or in space but these are extremely linear outside of collecting more loot and all tied to story sequences.
All in all, I don't regret spending time with the game but I don't think it's all that either. It's serviceable and inoffensive.

Reviewed on Jan 28, 2023