I don't think I've had to actively hold back tears during the credits sequence of any game I've played and I've been gaming for over 15 years at this point
I don't think I can sing praises of the writing, the art, the dialog, the characters, the honest portrayal of their lives and troubles and hopes enough. It's a very raw and very personal look at a small town and the people that inhabit it and some who are only visiting
So I'll simply focus on the minor negatives. It's quite annoying walking up and down town over and over. It's irritating that some of the interactive points are so close together and some require you face a certain way. I wish the townsfolk would react better to you when they greet you after certain actions happen. I faced a couple of minor bugs where a character looped an entire dialog sequence a second time because the game couldn't reconcile that I'd already found certain items relevant to them already
These are but small blemishes on what I consider to be one of the most perfect games I've ever seen. I truly love this game and it will now hold a special place in my heart

Reviewed on Jan 30, 2023