fun fact: unlike previous games in the series, whenever link teleports, the atoms of his body are disintegrated and reincorporated at the new destination - meaning his continuity of conscienceless ends many times. that's right fact nerds! this is one saviour of hyrule who doesn't have a fucking soul

the perfect bullshit boardgame - genuinely had to uninstall after a while bc the stress of watching other people's turns was making me unconsciously pull out too much hair

it's ok to pirate nintendo games

booster pass adding tour tracks made have risked its status as best mario kart but adding in birdetta (my queen) just redeemed it

historic, the first game to say a lot about society

"spacewar was the first video game" mfs when i challenge them to a 1v1 on tennis for two: 😮

not against more representation but i think they should make original pink characters instead of changing white ones that exist :/

2023 the year we stop pretending this is any good

always saw this as the weaker predecessor to two better games i'd rather be playing (ocarina and link between worlds) but y'know what, it's not half bad! dungeon design, music and combat hold up well and once you adjust to how arcade-y it feels comparatively to later zeldas, it's a pretty engrossing world to kill a couple hours in.
majority of its female characters being collectable dungeon trinkets to get "rescued" and then leave forever is still extremely cringe, tho. minus half a star right there.

worst game i ever accidentally wasted 700 hours on
(hero players will ofc never see the kingdom of god)

capcom releasing a new game each year well into the SNES' lifespan really convinced people the last two NES entries aren't by far the best smh

love mega man's cute lil glancing around in the level select. that's game design, baby

guts man would be a qanon guy i think