This game sure knows how to mash the buttons that release dopamine.

I can’t believe I’ve spent a whole decade binge playing this game. In so many ways it is the best moba there is, has been, and will be for the foreseeable future. No other comes even close.
The sheer complexity of this game is hard to wrap my mind around, and more so how well balanced it is and continues to be after each massive update overhauls the stats and mechanics every few months.
Its learning curve is extremely steep at the beginning, which is one of the reasons the game fails to grow its playerbase. It really pays off however to learn the mechanics and become a better player. Managing to keep your team alive or successfully planning elaborate strats and coming back from an unfavorable match feels extremely rewarding and satisfactory, and so does realizing how one’s grasp of the ever more complex mechanics increases on par with their ranks progression.
There are two more aspects of DotA 2 for which I would like to commend the game, albeit I’m confident these two specific things contribute to less players getting hooked to the game once they try it.
First, anything that affects gameplay, including every hero, is free and completely accessible from the very beginning. Money can only purchase cosmetic items, which in turn translates in less players ever spending a dime, even though it is proven that “investing” any amount of money in a game makes the player more likely to come back to it. I commend the game for that.
The other aspect is the aesthetic design of its characters. While other MOBAs and other GaaS insist on sexualizing its characters to increase the game's appeal, DotA 2 dares to use fantasy designs which range from monstrous beasts and elemental entities to warriors with normal, believable proportions.
In any case, I wouldn’t lightly recommend DotA. However there is a certain amount of people with an itch for intense action and strategy who are in for an amazing ride.

The most charming dose of 2D Zelda to date.

I started this game thinking it was going to be Overrated Pink Super Meat Boy and while I didn't love it at first, the amazing FEEL of the controls and the clever level design which just kept on giving made me play it to the end, B-sides and all. Then they went and delivered another game's worth of postgame content for mentally sick people which I could never dream of clearing. I managed to beat roughly 1/3rd of it being completely sure I was just about to finish it, only to discover in a youtube playthrough that I couldn't be more mistaken. Nonetheless, watching the yourtube run was such a pleasing experience. I had a great time.

cool and challenging unit management game. It gets to a point where there's to much grinding for soldiers which makes the gameplay loop get old very fast.

I first played this game when I was 7, then played again to completion at 17, and I’ve just finished my third run at 27… hope I’m alive and well for my fourth!
This game is incredibly frustrating and I love it so much for it. The twist in design where nothing kills you but instead annoys you to death baffled me when I first laid my hands on it as a child, and still does. Upon hit, very enemy gives Wario an unavoidable transformation that can be infuriating or used to his advantage. The design plays around this, laying in every level 4 treasures behind smart puzzles and challenges which the player must keep coming back for, using every resource as he gets power ups and unlocks secret paths.
On top of that, the charm and colorful vibe impregnated in every level and enemy, tied to Wario’s classical “comical mischief” personality and characterization makes me enjoy going through every level.
Even if the segmentation may be a bit overkill, the thrill of checking with excitement every new treasure to see if its a power up or some new path inside a previous level keeps me hooked every time I play it.

Dropped it after a few weeks procrastinating playing because the more I play the more it feels like a chore. The story looks promising and the visuals are great, but its pace is so slow that I always find myself wishing I was playing something else.
And what even is the combat. You just sit there waiting for your characters’ mechas to recharge so you can hit the destroy button again and be done with it. Combat missions are mandatory and don’t add much to the story.
One thing I must applaud though, the game’s digital manual is amazing. I wish more games paid attention to the manual.
I get why people have this game in such high regard and I really wish I could put up with the repetitive combat and slow pacing and get blown away by the story, but I just can’t.

Super Meat Boy ran so Celeste could fly…

el señor Zurkon no paga con guitones, él paga con DOLOR

the real challenge this game poses is not the enemies or anything but my 3 friends lacking a brain

they took ratchet 3's wonderful multiplayer and tried to make it into a standalone game somehow making it less fun than the (amazing) ps2 mode
tchaykovsky's 1812 overture plays while you fire the R.Y.N.O.

plays like a demo for the game it succeeds

"Attention troopers, I would like to share with you a haiku i wrote last night." clears throat "The Lombax shall die, a fiery awful death, cupcakes are yummy."