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(8-year-old's review, typed by his dad)

2 stars because Mario's doing a 2 at me

(8-year-old's review, typed by his dad)

It is a very, very, very hard game and I haven't played it a bunch but it's because it is HARD

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(8-year-old's review, typed by his dad)

You can give people POOP as PRESENTS and you can FIGHT PEOPLE

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I'm giving this 3 stars because it's 3 games in one game and they are "All Stars"

(8-year-old's review, typed by his dad)

It's a very crazy game where there's a lot of minigames and you compete against a lot of people and I don't like playing against like 25-year-olds that have been playing for like I dunno 2 or 3 years? And most of the time I don't get past the first or second level, it's only on rare occasions that I make it to third. There are some... okay levels, I like the survival ones especially the one where there's a twisty wheel and there's holes and you have to not fall through and there's shapes coming for you and you have to dodge them.

I do wanna say one more thing. I don't like the levels where there's a big obstacle course, ESPECIALLY not the ones with bouncy ones. (I mean the ones which have trampolines or bouncy springs on the walls)

never played this but why did the guy on the cover die so sluttily

They don't make action games like this anymore

The definitive action game. I wasn't a fan of action games when I started it, but this one won me over, partly due to the style system and partly due to the super memorable boss lineup. Every action game should really have something like the gunslinger style, where you can disrupt enemies that are sneaking up for you in a way other than dodging. Every action game should have rival characters like Vergil, who evolve in their abilities in the same way you do for climactic showdowns that repeatedly escalate in both mechanical complexity and narrative stakes. The weapons should have personality and depth, the enemies and their attacks should be distinct... anything you think an action game needs, Devil May Cry 3 has it. Action games today still struggle to hit this perfect balance, but with this game, even an action game skeptic like me has to admit the potential in the genre.

It's tough. This game _______ a PlayStation 2 game from 2004.

Pick one:
*looks like
*plays like
*thinks it is
*is a relic of
*has the shortcomings of
*brings me back to

Depending on what you want, it could be a wonderful time, or a reminder that you can't go back to the past.