basedgod420's Super Mario Odyssey Review

Hot Take Time: Mario Odyssey is good but has some big problems. It's a blast to play and controls great (as every 3d mario title does) but I have some issues with the way the game is structured. I much prefer the old way of doing things when it came to level design, with the one star objective at a time and found I was inundated with a constant flow of moons. This is a pure collectathon, and I think it dulls the experience when there are so many moons available. The post-game content is great, truly challenging, and I love a lot of the levels (while a couple I could do without). The hat possession mechanic is great, and seeing marios little mustache on all the enemies brings me pure joy. This game is great, but I wish it was structured a little differently. That being said, Nintendo hasn't missed on the switch and this game is essential playing.

Reviewed on May 08, 2020