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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

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i think id rather stick my dick through a cheerio than play as megaman in this game
replaying this game as megaman i still enjoyed my time with this game, its just a lot of the cracks in the level design rear their ugly head more. i dont think i would really recommend this game to anyone besides me, i just think playing as bass is super fun. i really think this should've just been a bass game, i think if they made a game purely tailored around his toolset wouldve made a way more fun game. also, I still like the fact that this is one of the few classic megaman games where all of the special weapons are useful to some degree.

what the fuck happened here? in theory this should be the best game in the trilogy. you have decreased knockback which means less cheap deaths, and you can finally see what the candles contain now, but what the fuck? the jp version is braindead easy, but from what i gather the US version is just stupidly hard. The gameplay overall feels slower, ryus jump physics are way floatier and less tight than previous entries. theres never a real 'flow' state like in ninja gaiden 1 and 2, less running like hell and slashing, more "what if mario had a sword?"
the graphics and music are nice at least

why did i think this game was harder than 1 as a kid? the stage hazards aren't really hard at all. shadow clones are a godsend and can destroy bosses if you can get to them without dying, and the final boss doesn't fucking send you all the way back! graphics are superb for the NES, and dont get me wrong this game's still hard, but this is a lot more manageable then the first game.