they made megaman 4 good
seriously though how is this homebrew so good?! playing as roll in this is like one of the most fun ive had with a platformer in recent memory and its all for free.

Kinda just got bored tbh. I think if you were in 2002 and wanted a way to play SOTN on the go then this would've been amazing, but I cant help but feel like this game is spoiled by later, more original entries that this game just ends up coming across as somewhat bland.
I think what this game really excels at is just being weird tbh. this is like the most scrimblo game ive played in a while with how much "uh ok i guess" stuff is in this game. like how theres a room dedicated to furniture you find through the game. Or how like there's a room where a merchant can just show up if your level ends in an odd number. or honestly just how fucking visually bright everything is gives the game a really weird aesthetic. you have what would be muddy dark environments but every colour is just so overly saturated that it feels odd. not bad, just odd.

I beat this game on hard mode with no slow mo so I think its safe to say I'm better than all of you fuckers at this game get fucked lmfao

this games gameplay is whats inside my head when I listen to high octane boss battle music
the main meat and potatoes gameplay here is fantastic, but the overall aesthetic and plot feels very derivative. I know hotline miami is an easy comparison to make, but the plot just kinda felt like a hodgepodge of the stories of the last indie darlings of the last 10 or so years. Doesn't really leave much of an impression on me, but ill probably return to this as just like an ADHD toy cuz slashing dudes and goin' fast is fun as fuck.

why do i feel like all the bespoke queer games ive seen that came out in the last 10 years have been just so saccharine? this isn't really a knock against the game itself, and I don't really fault anyone who enjoys these types of games, its just I really want more games about being gay/trans that isnt just like "I'm a girl and I can kiss girls!!!!!!" I want a game thats bespokely queer, but through the lens of someone whos gotten past the initial euphoria of figuring out your queer identity, like a story thats about people's real world struggles and how they intertwine with their queerness to where its the focus? they speak from the abyss seems to fit that bill from what I've seen, maybe something like that? this is a genuine question btw. and hey maybe if this game eventually does become what im describing then i'll give it another go! i really just wasn't feelin it chief.

I beat this game without using the homerow keys to spite my typing teacher who gave me a C in middle school

i think id rather stick my dick through a cheerio than play as megaman in this game
replaying this game as megaman i still enjoyed my time with this game, its just a lot of the cracks in the level design rear their ugly head more. i dont think i would really recommend this game to anyone besides me, i just think playing as bass is super fun. i really think this should've just been a bass game, i think if they made a game purely tailored around his toolset wouldve made a way more fun game. also, I still like the fact that this is one of the few classic megaman games where all of the special weapons are useful to some degree.

what the fuck happened here? in theory this should be the best game in the trilogy. you have decreased knockback which means less cheap deaths, and you can finally see what the candles contain now, but what the fuck? the jp version is braindead easy, but from what i gather the US version is just stupidly hard. The gameplay overall feels slower, ryus jump physics are way floatier and less tight than previous entries. theres never a real 'flow' state like in ninja gaiden 1 and 2, less running like hell and slashing, more "what if mario had a sword?"
the graphics and music are nice at least

why did i think this game was harder than 1 as a kid? the stage hazards aren't really hard at all. shadow clones are a godsend and can destroy bosses if you can get to them without dying, and the final boss doesn't fucking send you all the way back! graphics are superb for the NES, and dont get me wrong this game's still hard, but this is a lot more manageable then the first game.

I finally fucking beat this game to prove im a #RealGamer
anyways yeah this game owns. just keep running and try to tank shit through, hesitation is defeat as the kids say.

did a replay with the AMAZING spanish fandub and translation! seriously this fan translation is amazing, the dub is better than the official english dub and its better than some official translations out there. if you ever needed a reason to play/replay sin and punishment do yourself a favour and play it in spanish!

Why anyone would suddenly have the idea to make a lesbian kink themed BDSM version of Mighty Bomb Jack I honestly have no idea, but I dig the premise. the games kinda ass and isn't really that hard, but if this game got some kind of modern expanded remake kinda like with celeste's pico 8 version, then I honestly could see myself really enjoying it!
also the queen being trans too is based ❤

this is a groundbreaking fps with amazing atmosphere and set pieces, that is when it isnt make you play a shitty platformer.

this game is just as interesting as the person who made it, if you havent seriously check out jennifer diane reitz other shit. as a game its basically hell to try to play this on a modern computer and once you understand what the fuck is going on the games gets pretty old, but it has a fuck ton of personality.
oh yeah the music sounds like if you sampled a cat walking on a midi piano and then turned it into a song. top tier shit.