This review contains spoilers

Least favorite of the last 3 titles. Unreasonably long, especially compared to Odyssey, which never felt too long to me, and did not benefit from the lack of structure. Despite the story quests having a clear chronology (some late-game stuff references things that should have happened earlier, for example), you can do them in whatever order you'd like. Even stranger is that the way that the game lays the quests out for you means that you finish the main story before you ever actually finish the game. There's an entire section of the map that isn't completed and Ravensthorpe storylines that are left open-ended, even after completing Eivor's saga. Which made what actually ended the game for me (the Poor-Fellow Soldier of Christ) feel very "that's it?" even though it was important in-universe lore.
This is all without mentioning that it was hugely frustrating to play. You can climb pretty much wherever now, which is nice, but you climb much slower and it's a mystery where you'll actually try to grab next. I constantly jumped off of things for no reason, or jumped off of viewpoints after fast traveling and expecting to land in a haystack only to plummet to my death for some reason. Combat is less refined and less satisfying. It's clear that these games are made at least partly at the same time because they never learn from the last game's mistakes. Or worse, they don't include basic features of the previous games. They added changing your armor appearance as an update months after the game released when it was already in the last game and you could do it from your inventory then, instead of having to go to the blacksmith in your settlement. How was that not included from day one and how did you make it worse?
I liked Eivor and I wanted to see where his story was leading, but I honestly only finished this game because I'd already spent so much time in it.