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It's been long enough since I first played Inside that it felt right to experience it again (but mostly it was super cheap on Steam's Autumn Sale).
The atmosphere is perfectly dark and tastefully unsettling. The environmental storytelling is gripping and the platform and puzzles are air-tight.
A truly memorable title.
(Now I'm wondering, what happened with Playdead?)

It's bigger and better than its predecessors in many definitive ways, but it also regress in other ways, although arguably less significant ones.
It's a technical benchmark. The visuals, the scale of the city, the loading speeds - it's staggering.
I'm a fan of the symbiote/Venom stories, and I was looking forward to Insomniac's take with Miles mixed into it as well. Overall it was great if not a tad predictable.
I completed the main story at 14 hours (while doing some organic side-missions and whatnot) and got the platinum trophy at 29 hours. While it was fun all the way, it started to feel a bit repetitive by the end.
I also noticed a few minor glitches here and there during the whole campaign, but nothing outstanding; and given the scale of it all, it's frankly understandable.
Overall, this game is a display of ambition, technical prowess, and love for these characters and their stories.

Really liked that the whole story is told during gameplay and with full control of the character. It has aged somewhat OK but at some point I just wanted to finish it so I could start the sequel.