I wanted to play it as a blur alternative, but I got much more than I expected. First of all, it is definitely not better than blur, but there are some things it does very well. You can choose whether you want to play the game as arcade or simulation, I chose the arcade version and you experience the arcade to the end, which I think is a good thing because no one wants to have difficulty controlling the car in this kind of game. So yes, the vehicle controls are nice, unfortunately the vehicles in the game are not licensed, so they look very crappy. We cannot make additions such as bumpers or windbreakers that can visually affect the vehicles, which greatly reduces personalisation. Some maps are really enjoyable and beautifully designed. I didn't like the fact that you can attach different weapons to your vehicle and have different firing options because there doesn't seem to be much balance between them. Apart from that, the special powers we get from the road could be more varied, the graphics are very nice and I did not have any optimisation problems. Although the main logic of the game is to earn more money and open new cars, it makes the game feel like a mobile game, but it is a quality game in general.

back in the day it was fine but its not playable today. All the missions are like side missions you do something and you get something in return. Also the PC port has a lot of problems

I don't care what you say about missions. Storyline is awful, literally means nothing. Also 22GBytes for non-optimized buggy game is not acceptable. I don't know if its better in consoles but my fps is unstandable in PC.

all those childish noices of characters and cringy talks, your gun doesn't actually feels like a gun and game only makes you go there collect this run there bla bla

This review contains spoilers

I played this game in 2023 and even tho there are still so much bugs. Lara's hair is always moving like crazy doesn't matter if she is indoor or in a windy place. Story is ridicilously bad, the way ana betrays is just funny and makes no sense to me. The game is all about go, run, jump, climb, arrive to a place then "Wow, there are enemies here. Let me kill them." and this loop continues all the time. Even tho my computer is enough to play it in a normal level. I got so much low fps. Even when the graphs are highest and the lowest I got 30 fps everytime.Gun controls are sooo much clunky feels like it made only for console.There are no tomb raider stuff in it like arhaeology or mistery etc. Just killing people with a random storyline. Action dose of this game is so much unstable. There is a moment when you are in theirs jail and you run away from there with Jacob. There are literally no guards in that building and you just walk away and when they realised that you just run away they literally chase you with armed helicopter. Like if i am that important, at least put some people on that building. You walk in a place and it rondomly starts collapsing and you start to run. Rocks from the top of the place come down and you dodge them while running. Its like so random. You arrive in to Jacob's village and randomly helicopters arrive and destory the village, you kill like 10 people or something and they go away and it has nothing to do with storyline. The way mine collaps on jacob is just random. You walk in the mine then it collaps, no information about what happened to him, then he appears rondomly to save you. There are no puzzles which is the point of tomb raider games. I am not that much of a big fan of puzzles but puzzle-like stuff in this game is just so easy and none of them is fun.

I never cared about the story in first game. It still looks boring in the second one tho. Game feel same ,mechanics feel same adding some masks shouldn't be enough to make a new game. Especially for a game like this. There are some enemies that you can't kill which is a totally mess for me. awful. Game don't feel smooth that much because of that. And there is nothing new about the game. If you ask me what would be fine in a game like this. I would say nothing. Because everything was already fine in the first game and it was a simple and enough game. Nothing else were needed. So I think that this game was not required. Also when you knock enemies down they jump little bit back and if you keep knoct out the immortal enemies in a corner you can push them out of the map which makes them kinda dead. Interesting to see some bugs in a game like this.

I didn't like this game as a Modern Warfare tbh. I felt like every misson is just only about killing enemies. Game spawns a lot of enemies and you kill them. It just doesn't end. First MW has that Chernobly misson, second one has that Ice climbing one and many other missons. But I could'nt have that much fun playing this game. Except the mission we were sneak in to the castle. That was the only misson that I really loved playing. In general it was a mid game but at least it doesn't have a game breaking bug. Other than that storyline has some ups and downs. After this part it contains spoilers:
I didn't find the way characters die natural. The way Soap dies, the way Sandman dies and the way Yuli dies is just feels like, story writers wanted to kill them just because it makes it look like Cpt. Price sacrificed too much to kill Makarov. Also the way Makarov dies is obviously unsatisfying. Makarov is a man of strategy, he was an awesome villian. And the way he dies is just meaningless. Real makarov would not die like this...

was pretty fun to play in psp but graphics are looking way better on PC one, I might pick it up again on PC

This kind of games were only fun back in Polly bridge times. Consept is simple so I don't think I want to play anymore this kind if stuff.

"You are empty", same as the story of the game. But atmosphere is nice tho

I only could stand it to the hospital level.I played like %20 of the game. Game is so boring, it takes 1 shot to kill with revolver sometimes and sometimes its 6 shots. If you use shotgun it doesn't even matter where you shoot at, they always die with 4 bullets.Don't care if its headshot or something else. But the worst part is you are just simply shooting zombies who are walking through you.Nothing else, you should never expect anything much from a movie game especially which are released at those times.

I'm always okey with playing old games but this is exceptional. Tried but controls are actually so hard to handle in PC. I don't think it will be fair for me to rate this game

After a point it feels pointless to play but I may pick it up later