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The demo had me really hyped up for this game, but lord is the full release just loaded to the brim with far too many dialogue options and rabbit holes to go down. Bless whoever has the time to save scum and weave through each and every dialogue option. This would have been much more enjoyable as a straight forward narrative with slightly branching paths, not full flung abruptly ending walls.

Evil Tonight is fun, challenging, short and beautiful to look at. The characters, however, are wholly unlikable, incredibly cringe. MC is constantly referring to herself as some dazzling star studded gorgeous beauty, trying to portray this big sister archetype that falls on it's face. It's not endearing, it's just weird. Enemy balancing in this game feels all over the place as well, one of the earlier introduced enemies took over FOUR shotgun blasts to kill. That's ridiculous, and a good segue to enemy placement, which at the end of the game is very annoying. It was a good time for the time I spent with it, but there's really nothing there to make me want more.

A bittersweet bite sized RPG. If you enjoy timing hits, definitely check this one out for it's battles, also the ability points for the skill tree flow like a waterfall here. Fun to just spam confirm to boost yourself high as can be.