This review contains spoilers

This enhanced version of what was already one of the best games I've ever played made it even better, slating itself as my game of 2020 and earning a spot in my top 3 of all time. The new story elements such as the new Persona user Kasumi and the school psychiatrist Dr. Maruki fitted in seamlessly with the original game to create what felt like an even more complete experience, and the game's handling of Akechi, which I found to be one of the original's flaws, was executed pretty flawlessly this time (With the added development during his confidant scenes, his role in the last arc and that ending especially). The new elements added to the Palaces and boss fights were all cool too and mostly made for a better experience overall. Its low points were still low (looking at you, Okumura arc) but Royal brought the base game's highs to new levels of greatness.

Reviewed on Jan 12, 2021