To those familiar with it, it goes without saying that this was one of the best JRPGs, one of the best games in general, that I've played. Despite owning the 3DS version back in the day, this was my first time completing this game, and needless to say I loved every second of it. The world of Bionis and Mechonis was a thrill to explore, with some beautiful world design complete with interesting characters and side quests which meant this game's world felt like a living, breathing one. The enemy design is also to be praised here, from the wild creatures to the robotic Mechon. The plot kept me guessing at all times, throwing some major curveballs aside from the ones I already knew about from the amount I'd already played of the game in the past (there were even several times I thought I had almost reached the end of the game but then would be pleasantly surprised to know that there was still more to come, more places to see, more epic moments to experience). It's also worth mentioning that DE's graphics are amazing, and vastly improved from both previous versions of the game. PLAY THIS GAME!

Reviewed on Jan 12, 2021