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4th time playing through and two takeaways this time that I have are:
- Abby's section of the game really is the highlight of the last of us part II, her story is all the more impactful thanks to the first half with Ellie.
- I came away with the thought about Ellie and her immunity to the infection. How in a degree that has shielded her from many things however in this story there is another infection that takes hold of her, controls her and she loses herself to it. The obsession with revenge and hate that fuel her story, is not unlike the cordycep infection, and it completely consumes her. I thought that was interesting.

Full Review + Trophy Review and Tips Below
I need to give Stray credit, it is a game that turned out to be more fun than I originally expected. It is a game that is primarily puzzle based as you navigate through different areas, interacting with the people and things around you to help progress your story forward. You can walk, run, meow, scratch, jump and use your little robot buddy to interact with your surroundings.
What made the game enjoyable is that it had a good balance of explorations, puzzles and action all tightly wrapped in a solid run time. This game isn’t more than 5-6 hours on your first playthrough and if you’re interested in completing all the trophies, you can do a completely new run in a brisk 1 hour and 45 minutes.
The characters in the game are endearing, the settings are creative and fun to explore and the story ending left me largely satisfied. This is the perfect title to sit back and play to detox from the larger AAA 80-hour long games that we are inundated with.
Difficulty: 2/10
Time: 8 hours
Trophy Guide: Recommended
Trophy List Score: 8/10
Stray has a decent and mostly fun trophy list. I appreciate a game that comes up with creative ways for you to earn trophies and Stray has some very cat inspired ones. Whether it is putting a paper bag on your head, meowing, nuzzling or scratching rugs and walls, you’ll find many trophies to satisfy the cat lover inside you.
Although a guide isn’t absolutely needed, it will help speed up gathering memories and badges. The game does have a chapter select, however the most efficient way to platinum the game is to collect/earn every trophy so you can just focus on your 2 hour speed run in one final playthrough.
The game loses points for using an additional speed run playthrough as a way to extend players play time. You get absolutely nothing out of an additional playthrough and honestly, you miss out on all the fun cat antics by trying to just run through the game. There’s also a funny but pointless trophy where you need to have the cat sleep for a real time one hour.
- Earn all your trophies on the first playthrough so you can focus on the speed run. I was able to beat the game in 1 hour and 45 minutes with a few mistakes peppered in.
- Since the game is chapter based, you could beat a chapter normally on one save file and on a second save file you can immediately go in and speed run that chapter while your memory is fresh.
- Make sure you turn off the controller’s power saving option when you have your cat sleep for one hour, so it doesn’t interrupt and pause the game.
- The first encounter with the zurks is annoying, I found the best way to do it is to run towards them and then zig zag away.
- Thanks to Chapter/Sub-Chapter select, you can see and track what you are missing to easily replay a section and nab any missing collectibles.
Happy Trophy Hunting!

Madison is not the type of game I would normally play. It was pushed on me by a friend who wanted to see me squirm on stream, and they got their wish. This game is terrifying and I had so much anxiety playing it that I felt like I had just finished weight lifting at the end of each session.
The game is primarily puzzle based as you use a polaroid camera to take pictures to reveal what is hidden. It's also your only source of light in dark areas, you can imagine the rest. Some of the puzzles were really obtuse and I ended up using a guide to help speed up the process.
There are jump scare galore in this game, you can expect possession, moving statues, whispering, spectres and much more. If you feel like torturing yourself, check out Madison.