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4 days ago

bruhpeepee played PAC-MAN 256

It's good, one of the best mobile games on the market in fact, but I'm iffy about the concept of a mobile game being ported to console.

9 days ago

bruhpeepee played Super Pac-Man

Mediocre game with some of the worst sound effects I've ever heard.

10 days ago

bruhpeepee played Pac-Man Arrangement

The best maze-based Pac-Man game (so far, haven't played OG Arrangement yet), no questions asked.

11 days ago

11 days ago

bruhpeepee played Ms. Pac-Man

Pac-Man but better. Shame about the legal situation though.

11 days ago

bruhpeepee played Pac & Pal

It's cool that Pac & Pal is available to western audiences, but come on.
It's Pac & Pal.

12 days ago

bruhpeepee played Pac-Attack


12 days ago

bruhpeepee earned the GOTY '21 badge

12 days ago

bruhpeepee commented on frogger's review of Mega Man ZX Advent
one of those calendars with chocolate in them

14 days ago

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