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It veers dangerously close to jingoistic militarism before reverting to what Destiny does best once you penetrate the Deep Stone Crypt : Monumental firefights and sprinkles of existentialism to keep you on edge.
How often do videogames take you to space and back again in a wonderfully circular movement around a single boss fight ? That's what happens when Bungie doesn't take itself so seriously and instead plays to the strengths of their franchise. The best raid since Leviathan.

The lack of imagination demonstrated by Shadow of War's interweaving systems is best understood through a story lens :
Fifteen years have passed and we're still chasing the shadow of Sauron all across Middle-Earth. Still summoning the specter of an old armor for petty squabbles. There's no endgame here, just stacks upon stacks of meat puppets.

appropriate in many ways as the apex of open world game design this generation, hysterical in others. on the one hand it's one of the blandest and most by the numbers maps i've ever seen. on the other hand the crux of the narrative revolves around the main character making the hard choice to do stealth kills instead of "Go Loud." sadly the latter aspect isn't funny enough to carry it

The best Destiny has ever been according to some - who knows ? - and yet still such a small thing, despite Riven, despite the Dreaming City, despite Trust being one of my favorite revolver in any game.
There's a perk called Dragonfly that allows every headshot kill to summon an explosion out of your adversary's corpse. It's the best thing this game has ever done, and that's it.
Destiny is sweet, sugar-coated doom.

I never want Disco Elysium to end.
It has to end at all costs.

Crammed with so many incredible scenes and sequences that it makes you forget all the times it didn't - couldn't - live up to the expectations of a finale ; simply one of the saga's very best.

Scorching atomisation of the self, not vague critique of the military-industrial complex, is what makes Spec Ops : The Line stand on its legs almost ten years later.

Indigent as an immersive sim and shallow as an artistical proposition. The faux-transhumanist mirror this industry deserves.

No idea why people shit on this game, unreal scope and great universe.

A worthy sequel that takes the narrative gaming experience to another level and makes me feel stuff I haven't felt in a video game.

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