They should make virtual art museums, like put the Getty on a disc with interesting interpretations of the works recorded and played back to the player. I'd pay a solid 20 dollars for that. Anyway this is basically that or a dxm vision, cool as fuck

Kind of a big fan of the atmosphere here. It mimicks some of the best cyberpunk by making the world feel dead, inhabited by soulless killing machines and only a few "real boys". In other narratives (like idk blade runner or inception) it would focus on a few of those "real boys" who are interesting and lonely characters. But here it's just a videogame plot. Oh well.

Sean Vanaman has gotta be one of our best capital W writers we have right now. He understands the rhythms of writers guide to writing ass storytelling so well (respect thine audience, make every character different and give them all arcs, that type of stuff) that even a mumblecore game about 2 park rangers eventually feels massive and can connect with such a broad audience. So excited to play half life alyx now(he wrote for it!!!!!)

Makes me yearn for a world where all big stories like this are made with the sturdiest of storytelling (every character that's in it for more than 3 episodes getting an arc, the indulging in common cliches that just work) and escalation. Reminds me also how hard sturdy storytelling like this is to do which is why it was such a hit when it came out.

kind of really crazy that this just isn't good in basic non-politically offensive if you truly dive into ways. Just an utter bore lacking any sense of character or style whatsoever, we have gotten this game like at least 30 times, and have hated it for the past 2 years but since now there's a wand and things we know its really good? idk its confusing

mindnumbing fun that lacks a real identity as it takes so many tropes and pre-used gameplay ideas to make something that most star wars fans will call "good"

the ghost is dating failsafe and nobody can change my mind

I think that removing the online component from this game would ultimately improve every part of it. The story is fine despite contrary opinions just robbed of the atmosphere since you constantly need to go to the last city and see player characters and vendors.

David Cage has undiagnosed attention deficit disorder

is one of the stories terrible? yes yes it is. is this one of the worst allegorys of the civil rights movement ever made? yes yes it is. is david cage a hack? yes yes he is. but are 2 stories extremely engaging with likeable characters? yes yes they are

pretty good horror movie with a really great performance by mr robot

holy shit the cutscenes look almost real