all hail the imperial picnicking front

burning throb is the best normal battle theme in any video game and you cannot convince me otherwise

some of the highest highs in any ff game coupled with the most abyssal lows in any game i have ever played. it's generally fun - especially the unique setpieces - but there are an abundance of glaring issues in every other corner of the game that it's hard to recommend going out of your way to play it

tetsuya takahashi cooks up yet another mindbreak masterpiece

the Coolest Guy in the sky arc becomes even cooler

idk how they did it but it was even peaker than the first one

leon s kennedy and jack krauser have a twerk off naked covered in oil

ethan winters is an american hero

it was aight. decent storytelling and awesome traversal mechanics marred by some of the most ego death-inducing open world content i have had to do in recent memory