Fairly short and interesting visual novel, if you're a fan of the Milk series you'll probably find some enjoyment to be gained from this. I suggest giving it a try, it's about 30 minutes or so at a leisurely pace and also FREE on Steam.
~ Spoiler content below ~
Honestly, I enjoyed the way that the VN morphs itself from being a silly mockery of the “romance” genre to shifting the focus over to self-love. That aspect is really cool, and I'd say it makes fair use of its allotted time in doing so.
Reflexia is very surface level in how it comes across delivering these themes, they're just straight up spoon-fed to you. But this ends up being through no fault of its own, given that this is a free product, it does severely cut down on what length could be made out of the idea. My playthrough ended up clocking in at just under an hour, getting all (but one) of the achievements. Consequently, it does allow itself to be a very bite-sized experience, which is pretty nice.
It doesn't come without its fair share of minor complaints. The segments where she talks FAST are pretty annoying. Text continually flows, with no time to even squeeze in comprehension of no more than a couple words. Ends up breaking the pace heavily if you actually want to read what's being relayed.
I'm letting this sit at a 3-star rating, though it does border territory for 4-stars. Gonna wait until my eventual replay to decide whether to not, I'll give it the bump up.

Reviewed on Feb 06, 2023