Legend of Zelda? Fire emblem? Sorry, I only play REAL games on my Nintendo switch

This might actually be my favorite uchikoshi game, congrats dude you topped 999.
My only complaint is that the Somnium bits feel a lot like random guess work half the time versus actual puzzles, but the story and characters far out weigh that grievance for me. I love Date, the most cringefail dad of all time.

It's an... improvement? Over ZH1 in some ways but absolutely more tedious. The levels feel like they drag on forever even in NG+ due to the damage sponge enemies. The bosses range from hilariously easy to "oh god i need to reload and find an immunity necklace".
Reiko is hot though so an extra half star for that. Miserable from a speedrunning and casual perspective as the charm that ZH1 had was entirely due to how short it was. This way overstays its welcome.

I have an embarrassing amount of hours and costume dlc purchases for what this game is, but also it's a genuinely fun time. From what I've seen most of the glitches have been fixed, or at least its no longer crashing on every cutscene transition in NG+ anymore on Steam.
It's a fun time but not a long time. The challenge tower is fun and the story is simultaneously cute but also doesn't take itself too seriously.

The worse version of OG Oneechanbara. Just play Zombie Hunters or Onechanpuru instead if you really need to play these ones for completion's sake.

Honestly if you think this is bad you should try Zombie Zone, which is the same thing but more miserable and with no direction.
Anyway I speedrun this. No I don't know why, it's kinda mesmerizing. There's no plot, there's two music tracks, and they reuse the same three maps for the entire game. The hospital is actually the worst thing of all time. At least you can beat this game in like 40 minutes.

Short little free VN with nice art and a fairly intriguing mystery. Took about 3? ish hours to complete.

Cute free otome game with a surprising amount of content. I really liked the MC and while the love interests are tropey, I ended up liking most of them. Wish the step bro relationship could've been platonic but I guess that's a common trope in the genre.
It's definitely worth a play, and considering the fact that it's free makes it an easy recommend.

Oooooohhhh beatrice!!!!!!!
(yeah you should read this)

Cute little coffee shop simulator and VN, I enjoyed the stories even though I feel like a few of them felt like their conclusions came out of nowhere.
Definitely worth a play, it’s pretty short. I still have to get the challenge mode achievements now…

I bought these as a joke when they were on sale and then read all of them. I don’t know why I did that.
Anyway I didn’t play with the h patch so I wasn’t traumatized I was mostly just bored. Character designs are cute, though.

extremely short for the price tag and honestly not particularly scary, unsettling, or gory. a lot of times i ended up laughing at it, which is unfortunate because the opening part was incredibly good.
I understand what the narrative was going for - a talk about taboo and love and being an outsider in a world not made for you - but ultimately it fell flat for me for a variety of reasons.
worth a read if on sale, otherwise just skip it. the soundtrack and sound design was easily the best part. Urobuchi has always been a hit or miss author for me personally, so if you get a lot out of his work you will enjoy this a lot.

There’s literally a part of the game where you piss on an orc lady
Can’t wait for mirror 2!

The best souls game, no, the best game overall. A piece of art. I’ve gifted it to five friends.

It’s Fine.
Ultimately it’s greatest strength is being an easily accessible way to get into VNs. Basically every part of it has been done better in other VNs but I can’t deny having fun with it tbh.