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Miles Edgeworth is the gayest character ever created

Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation - The Endless Seven-Day Journey, has a long ass title, but it's a great game though.
I've read that this game isn't for everyone, but that ain't true. The say it because of the slow pacing gameplay, well, then is Doom Eternal a 7 because of it's extremely fast gameplay? No, it's not.
You can change the day speed in the settings of the game from really calmed down to really fast, depending if you want to get the 100% in one playthrough or not. The normal speed makes a day 30 minutes long, i'ts great for a first playthrough, because you need to replay it to get the 100% (all bugs, fish, newspaper articles, dinosaur battles, etc.) but replaying it is really enjoyable.
Let's talk about the music:
This game has one of the most relaxing soundtracks i've ever heard. The title song repeats very often, but due to the short duration of the game (9-12 hours) you don't really get tired of it.
Then the intro and outro song, it is great. It is a really great song that fits really well the theme of the game, i love it.
The rest of the music is awesome too and it will make you feel more immersed in the game.
Now, let's talk about the graphics: 10/10, they're beautiful and the background is hand drawn. The 3D models are great too, very good looking, have a bit of aliasing on Switch.
Now, let's talk about the gameplay: Kinda like Stardew Valley but even MORE relaxed. It's great, I loved it. I mean, there are cool bugs. You can make the goddamn ass dance. The controls are awesome, but the dinosaur battles are unbalanced, they should fix that.
Now, let's talk about the new characters: Cap, Lalako, Yoyoko, Jiro, Saburo, Ichiro, Motto Yamada, the Professor and Ginga.
They're all great and have their own personalities, everyone but the ones we already knew that are slightly changed (Bu Chan, Kine, Kazuma, Masaya). They would just make the game feel like an episode of the anime, if it wasn't for...
THE HUMOR: It's so weak compared to the anime, it seems like the devs wanted to make it friendly for everyone without the jokes about Shin Chan going behind every woman he finds (even though he does this once, but he doesn't really say or do nothing funny), or Hiroshi doing the exact same (Hiroshi doesn't do it in the whole game), or even Shin Chan misbehaving (he acts like an angel, doesn't call his mother fat). It may contribute to the feeling of peace the game gives, but it breakes the Shin Chan humor. I laughed really hard a few times though.
And now let's speak about the translation: I found it great, as they translated correctly the names of the fictional brands and put the correct amount of idioms. Shin Chan doesn't say "mirienda", and that **** sucks.
THE STORY: Well, it's ok, i'ts like a Shin Chan movie. They have a little weird story progression system, it works like this; You play normally (talk to people, get bugs or fish or fruit or vegetables, explore), make time pass, go to sleep, next day, get up, something important related with what they told you (on dinner, breakfast or a normal converstation) happens, you play the mission that I think is obligatory to do (never really tried to skip them) and then the mission will get marked as done in the "Summer Memories" menu (they're pretty much like the Stardew Valley festivals, without the summer memories thing).
There is kind of a background story, but it's pretty short and it all ends very briefly.
It's great, buy it. I am not asking. Great music, gameplay, graphics, story, everything.
I give it a 10, but it has a small inconvinience, when you start a new game + you have to see all the intro again from the begininng, the intro is cool but when you end the game once you've already seen it thrice.
Everything else is great, if you like Shin Chan (or even if you don't) buy it. But hey, slow down, enjoy it. There is no need to rush it. You can slow down the time speed, or not.
After all you decide how to play and how to enjoy it, and the game gives you tools to do so. That's why I think it's a game for everyone, and why it's so awesome.

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I will play every Touhou that isn't a shmup before I even consider playing the shmups.

Full video review: https://youtu.be/KPxtWCd0g3k
Dōkyūsei - one of the most important visual novels ever released. It came out all the way back in 1992 and is generally considered to be one of the biggest dating sims of the time and part of the reason why that genre took off. Now here we are thirty years later with a remaster of that very game. Does it hold up? Kinda.
Story and Gameplay
There is practically no real “story” here. You’re just some dude spending the rest of his summer break messing around and trying to pick up some girls. No major drama, no twists, none of that - just constant dates with girls and maybe a little bit of character building for each, especially towards the end.
I found this approach to be both good and bad. It’s good in that this lends to a lot of interactivity. You don’t just sit there and spam enter a bunch, but instead are constantly moving around, interacting with the environment and different CGs, and picking which characters you want to talk to by the in-game minute. As someone that plays a ton of visual novels, it was refreshing to have this sense of control.
That said - it does come with one major downside: a lackluster main story. If you’re not a fan of whatever character’s story? Well, there’s really nothing else to do other than pursue some other character. They are hardly tied together and even the individual characters themselves don’t have that going for them. Some characters only have a few events and, as such, have really poorly developed personalities, backstories, all that. This leads to the relationship coming off as forced, cheap, and there just to fill a specific archetype.
Then you get a few other characters that have a lot of events and even some conflicts to overcome - which in turn develops their character. I found these to be the most satisfying personally. Maybe I just like a well-written character or maybe I’m playing the game wrong by looking for something like that. But again, it is a dating sim, so I would hope that such a game could at least deliver a bit on that front.
Even then though, the character stories themselves are the most surface level thing - those conflicts that come up are resolved just as quickly and often left me disappointed with what could have been. Again, some are better than others, but I have now finished the game multiple times and really only liked maybe two or three characters max out of the fourteen total.
So I guess it all comes down to what you want. For a dating sim? It’s got pretty much all the bases covered. Don’t go in looking for deeper character writing and you are set. There are a ton of choices to make, tons of places to visit, tons of character events to unlock - the game does an absolutely solid job there. Actually caring for said characters and remembering them weeks after beating the game? Maybe not so much.
The writing is VERY comedy-heavy and VERY 90s. Stupid one-liners, characters acting completely ridiculous, and an overemphasis on perverted jokes. The protagonist definitely fits that last one and pretty much every character has some sort of tripping, falling, or being above the protagonist CG and he happily partakes in the view. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of that part of the comedy, but the rest at least makes up for it a bit.
Difficulty and Route Structure
Back in the day, you would have wanted a walkthrough for this one. You need to know which characters to meet at which locations at which times to actually advance along their route and score hearts with them. In classic mode, this information is entirely up to you to figure out, but fortunately, with this remake, comes the now default “easy mode”.
This mode just straight up gives you a calendar plotting all of the key dating events and it is super helpful to have as someone that did not want to waste time mapping out this web of character interactions. That and it even tells you what choices earn or lose you hearts - again negating the need for a walkthrough which I usually end up using for most visual novels anyways. A nice addition that makes the game far more playable than it was thirty years ago.
I was not able to get all of the characters in my first playthrough, but for those I did (maybe half of them), it took me around eight or so hours. Future playthroughs were even easier because I could just ignore the characters I already completed and just skip directly to the character events I missed. So it’s not that long a VN, but also not too short.
Art and Music
Although a part of me wishes they had some sort of toggle to enable the old art - I also cannot deny that the new art is completely fine and somehow manages to maintain a newish look while also being somewhat nostalgic. The music, on the other hand, I honestly cannot recall at all now that I’m writing this review. I don’t remember it being terrible though - so let’s just leave it as “okay, but forgettable”.
Dōkyūsei: Bangin' Summer is a bit of a mixed bag by modern standards. What it lacks in quality writing it makes up for with its solid dating sim mechanics and nostalgic art. That said, I can’t say any of the characters are that memorable and the experience is more so just fun in the moment - the dated humor actually adds to this too. So I wouldn’t say it’s an instabuy, but maybe worth a look if you want to play through a piece of VN and dating sim history. Otherwise, it’s just okay.

the most beautiful piece of fiction i've read yet

Fuck FF7, all my homies love Suikoden 2.

Friendship ended with Ashley’s song
Now Penny’s song is my new favorite WarioWare jam

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